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Oral presentations

Continuum: need to adoption

n°1 - Felice Driver: Research, development and adoption in the Australian sugar industry - maximising stakeholder value and impact

n°2 - Daniel Marion: A research, development and training network for the sugarcane sector in Reunion

n°3 - Matthew vanWeelden: Extension education programs for sugarcane best management practices in Florida's Everglades Agricultural Area

Session 1: Farming systems

n°4 - Neil Lecler: An autumn re-plant system for irrigated sugarcane in southern Africa

Session 2: Numerical agriculture and harvesting

n°5 - Pierre Todoroff: Automatic satellite image processing chain for near real-time sugarcane harvest monitoring

Session 3: Soil organic carbon and alternative fertilisers

n°6 - -Fernando Muñoz: Spatial distribution of labile and total soil organic C as influenced by sugarcane harvest residue management and soil texture

Session 4: Weed management

n°7 - Azaad Gaungoo: WIKWIO Portal: an online resource on weeds for sugarcane growers

Session 5: Nitrogen requirement and use efficiency

n°8 - -Daniel Poultney: Non-destructive sampling procedures for studying nitrogen use efficiency throughout the sugarcane crop growth cycle

Session 6: Irrigation and crop dynamics

n°9 - Abraham Singels: A strategy analysis tool for supporting on-farm cane management during drought