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Session 2: Numerical agriculture and harvesting

n°6 - César Arévalo: Comparisons of methods for sampling extraneous matter

n°7 - Sandrine Auzoux: A dictionary of variables to harmonize data from agro-ecological experiments on sugarcane

n°8 - Mathias Christina: Modelling sugarcane growth and yield using STICS model, parameterization and application in complex agro-systems

n°9 - Alasdair Harris: Yield mapping in sugarcane - the step changer enabler

n°10 - Alizé Mansuy: Three soil-cover scoring methods to assess cover crops between two sugarcane cycles

n°11 - -Kazuhiro Okuzawa: Improvement of sugarcane harvesting on sloping land by using a crawler cane harvester to extend the harvest period in rainy and dry seasons

n°12 - Troy Jensen: Incorporating sugar loss data with other precision agriculture layers