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Session 3: Soil organic carbon and alternative fertilisers

n°13 - Myriam Allo: High SOC stocks under sugarcane crops on volcanic soils of Reunion Island

n°14 - Amélie Février: Partnerships aimed at adding value to organic matter on Reunion Island

n°15 - Virginie van de Kerchove: The Ferti-Sol project: Acquisition of references and transfer via comparative fertilisation trials in sugarcane

n°16 - Matthieu Bravin: Is application rate the only driver of phosphorus phytoavailability in tropical soils receiving mineral and organic fertilisers over an extended period?

n°17 - Antoine Versini: Effects of organic residue application on the biogeochemical cycle of nitrogen in sugarcane agroecosystems in Reunion Island

n°18 – Julie Leung: An aid tool developed in Reunion to manage the fertilisation of sugarcane using local organic materials: Ferti-Run

n°19 - Duli Zhao: Sugarcane yield response to soil amendments and N-P-K application