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Workshop Theme and Topics


The 3rd Agricultural Engineering, Agronomy and Extension Workshop will be hosted by eRcane, Sugar Cane R&D Centre, and Cirad. The theme will be “Farming for the future: improving productivity and ecological resilience in sugarcane production systems”


The Workshops represent an opportunity to discuss all related topics on sugarcane agricultural engineering, agronomy and extension. We would like to encourage all participants to give a presentation in connection with the theme of the Workshops.


The Workshops will cover a wide range of topics related to agronomical approaches including:


  • Alternative fertilisers

    • Recycling nutrients from effluents

    • Plant nutrition and bio stimulants

    • Green manure

  • Weed management, alternatives to chemical control

    • Cover crops

    • Mechanical control

  • Numerical agriculture, the third green revolution

    • Big data

    • Decision making tools platform

    • Precision Agriculture

    • Drones and robotics

  • Irrigation, including

    • Energy efficiency

    • Deficit irrigation

    • Evaluation, maintenance and economics

    • Measurement, monitoring and administrative systems

  • Circular economy

    • Sugarcane and energy

    • Sugarcane/ livestock interaction

  • Farming systems

Agricultural machinery

  • Soil conservation in plant cane and ratoon

  • Innovations (nutrition, weed control, trash management…)

  • Harvest, transport, cane quality

  • Planting systems


  • Strategies and methodologies

  • Adoption

  • Progress and challenges

  • Farming system services / Specialist contractors


Technical focus on all these topics will give the opportunity

to debate some of the key challenges in sugar cane agronomy

facing the sugarcane industry at an international level.